We aren’t like the conventional Chinese companies you may be used to. We are apart from the other companies in many ways.

We are a textile buying house and understand the customer’s requirements according to the global market trends. Whenever you work with passionate persons, when you provide fascinating jobs which fit their skills and job areas, and when you give them the freedom to complete it in their own way, then you obviously touch the goal. We strongly believe in doing the right things in the right way. We have dedicated Technical and Compliance, Merchandising, Design, and Innovation teams who value your customized requirements. Usually, we uphold transparency in our deeds.


DEFT TEX continues to develop its sustainability roadmap driving our innovation and improvement. Our open innovating culture inspires our supply base to get targeted production processes that retain social and environmental sustainability. Our target is to tick as many as possible and convert them to ideal fibers when possible!


  • We want to spread our brand name worldwide as a creative and professional fashion company.
  • This industry is clear there is a difference between the product sourcing agencies for merchandising and quality.
  • At every level of our service, we add human value because we are careful about our customers, people, and production quality.


  • Our mission is to understand and fulfill customers’ and markets requirements. Also, grow mutual relationships with the suppliers. Even we continue developing the potential of our workforce.