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Bangladesh is the great hub of clothing manufacturers in Asia. DEFT TEX belongs to the best Bangladesh clothing manufacturers. There are lots of successful Garment Exporters and buying house in Bangladesh, who appear to be professional. And DEFT TEX is one of the best clothing brand in Bangladesh performing with their expertise and trying to do the best. Moreover, we try to give extra effort to add value to our product and supply chain and think out of the box. During the last five years, we have been doing successful business as a Garment Exporter.


Bangladesh is the great hub of clothing manufacturers in Asia. DEFT TEX belongs to the best Bangladesh clothing manufacturers.
  • Apparel
  • Handicraft
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Leather
  • Footwear


  • We invest strongly in design.
  • We offer market intelligence.
  • We have a global sourcing platform.
  • We create the in-house collection cowboys and angels to present customers with new developments in design and technology.
  • We provide our customers specialized support for contemporary wearwith our high-end collection first row.
  • We do store checks in fashion capitals around the world.
  • We seek manufacturing partners with great care, sometimes newcomers with whom we can build.


Bangladesh is established as a main hub of best buying house and garments exporters in the world. Actually, this is an over populated country and there are millions of active youth that becomes the turning points to lead the readymade garments (RMG) industry. And Now Bangladesh is one of the leading garment exporters. There are many key factors of Bangladesh that would inspire you to choose readymade garments for your business. All of them low labor cost and available raw materials are remarkable. As Bangladesh achieved economical solvency by garments industry the government has a special attention in this sector. You should consider the following bullet points before select a buying house in Bangladesh for sourcing our expected clothing items.

  • Best quality product than any other country
  • Rapid Production Capacity
  • Procurable raw materials
  • Huge skilled manpower
  • Low costing facilities
  • Technological advancement
  • Duty free facilities
  • Geographical Position
  • Easily Accessible Transportation (sea, and air)


Understanding the importance of a strong workplace culture can be the difference between your organization having impressive employee retention rates and high employee satisfaction levels, and having a high turnover and low morale. Businesses that appreciate how vital good company culture is, know that they must really invest in their people if they are to get the best out of them. Keeping your employees satisfied and motivated is not only the right way to run a business but could also save you money in the long run. Consider what your spending might be if you have to constantly provide cover for absenteeism, employees off with stress or poor health, and a high turnover of staff. These things might sound obvious, but often it’s a lot of work to implement. So, what are the major elements in creating and maintaining a good company culture?

  • Commit to leading the way
  • Be responsive to the needs of your employees
  • Provide ongoing development
  • Give honest feedback
  • Make time for social events
  • Be inventive


We are in touch with eco-friendly garment exporters certified by CN (control union) certifications with GOTS and OCS (organic content standard). Among lots of buying house in Bangladesh DEFT TEX also working on the sustainable concept. And we are sourcing a wide range of products like handicrafts, clothing, leather goods, fashion accessories, footwear, etc. We are in Bangladesh, one of the best regions in the world with high-quality production standards.




We travel the world for inspiration that will breed new designs that meet our customer’s specifications. Our aim is to add value to our customer’s design teams and enhance their product while keeping true to their brand identity.

Our Working Process


Sustainability is created at the source of our products and services. It’s created when we know who we’re buying from, where we’re buying from, and why we’re buying from them. It’s created by our suppliers.


We have talented team leaders who observe and complete productions within the targeted time ensuring the best quality at factories and discuss with the customers about technical developments and opportunities for achieving optimal efficiency. We take care of everything cordially.


Quality is the key feature of buying houses in Bangladesh. DEFT TEX has skilled on-site quality control (QC) team. So, we offer our buyers the best quality and necessary control to measure the progress of each order. We make sure that all the necessary tests of materials are on time from reputable test institutes or internally.


If you are interested to work with DEFT TEX please contact us. Use the form on this page directly let us know your queries. Also, you can call or email us
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