Types of Pressing Tools and Equipment in Apparel Industry

In the apparel industry, pressing or ironing has become an important section for finalizing apparel. It is totally a different sector where maintained a moist condition for getting the better result from raw garment clothes. It’s a system of heating the clothes, and fibers and getting a right shape. There are different types of pressing tools and processes that influence the garment business. Without proper pressing of the clothes, you can’t complete your whole process.

With the range of apparel, yarn, and fiber, you will see different types of pressing tools and equipment. The top garments factories in Bangladesh keep a lot of pressing tools to fix the different types of creases. However, in this article, we are going to share different kinds of pressing tools and their importance in the apparel industry.

Types of Pressing Tools and Methods:

To refinish the textile fabrics, there is a great importance of pressing tools and methods. Here we represent some tools and methods for finishing the clothes.


In the past, heating the clothes was so tough because of the unavailability of modern machines or tools. With a view to getting the straight shape of clothes, they use coal or wood for heating purposes. However, by using this process, it is impossible to get huge productivity. Since the invention of the electronic iron, it has been possible to get huge heated finishing. It is easy to control the temperature. As a result, we get the desired fabrics in a short time.

Iron one types of pressing tools

At present, a steam iron is popular in the apparel industry because it can control the heat with the buttons. You can control the flow of heated steam with your fingers. Steam is carried to the iron into the pipe from the central mini boiler or large boiler. When you operate the iron buttons, steam is created through the holes that are placed at the bottom of the iron. The outward shape of the iron may be a triangle, and they are having with 1-15 kilogram.

To calendar the garments, it requires an iron bed or table. A flat and smooth bed offers an effective result for that. For getting the facilities on the ironic bed, it is required air-suction. After ironing the clothes or the portion of the clothes is removed immediately. In this way, it is less possible to get the curve clothes. However, this machine dries the clothes quickly. To operate the steam iron requires a very skilled operator.

Importance of Iron:

Among the different types of pressing tools, iron is regarded as the popular and mostly used method for fixing the crease problems of the fabric. With the machine, the operator can remove the crease immediately, whether they (creases) minor or larger. Before ironing the different types (quality) fabrics, every operator should know the exact temperature.

Steam press:   

The steam press is a famous pressing tools in the garment industry. For the bulk products of your industry, it is necessary to set the steam press. In the steam press, you will get a static buck and ahead, and they are proportionate to each other. To keep the fabric on the buck, a head is placed on a buck. And after applying the heat and pressure, you will get the proper shape of your clothes.

A buck is placed in a frame. And an ironic bed is created to spread some layers of the clothes or foam on a buck. You will get a system of flow of steam and air suction across the buck. The buck is around the tables where the fabrics are set. There you will find a head in a frame that bedlike layout is created by the number of layers of clothes. The arrangement is for supplying the stream into the head. When the head pulls down on the buck with the scissors, it pressures the fabrics. 

However, the old pressing machine was quite different from the new one, where a head pulls down by the foot-operated switch. Then it pressures fabrics on the buck. And stream supplies through the head as well as a buck. However, by another switch, the head pulls upward to suck air from the buck.

At present, there are a lot of modern machines. By the cyclic orders, you can operate all kinds of jobs. And it is easy to count how much pressure is required to the head, how much time is required to supply the steam, and how much time the air is sucked from the buck by the automated machines. In the past, the owners of the apparel industry would get less productivity. The situation has been changed after modern machines.

Importance of Steam Pressing Tools:

All kinds of fabrics are not the same quality and aren’t made with the regular yarn, and their pressure qualities are also different. Pressure depends on the yarns. As a result, to remove the unwanted creases, a steam press is significant.

Steam Air Finishing:

‘Steam air finisher’ is one of the modern types of pressing tools. People know it as “dolly” or “puffer.” A form is set on the dolly press frame that arrangement is created for flowing the steam and compressed air by the pipe. Actually, people create a pressing form with the help of coarse canvas fabric. The pressing form is created according to the size of the apparel where the sleeves are absent.

Steam Air Finishing Apparel pressing tools
Steam Air Finishing

However, you can set the time for flowing steam and air. You can press it from the upper side of the pressing form and pull down the fabrics. With the help of the pipe, steam is supplied into the pressing form. In this way, you will swell up both the fabric and pressing form. Here, primarily you have to run the flow of steam at 8 seconds. Then you can flow the hot air next 08 seconds.

By using steam air finishing, you can remove the unwanted creases simply. In the garment industry, a minimum time is necessary for pressing the fabrics. A padded clamp is used on the button, the ‘hole line’. As a result, holes can’t make the shape during pressing. The dolly press machine takes special care of knitted fabrics at the time of pressing with a view to getting the right shape. In this way, your fabrics won’t stretch.

On the dolly press processing, there is no way of giving any creases. And if there require any creases, they can be created by the steam press or by the hand iron.

Importance of Steam Air Finishing:

Steam air finishing (dolly press) is necessary for pressing different size of clothes. It requires a dolly press whenever you want to press the t-shirt, nightdress, blouses, sportswear, pants, jackets, etc. Among the types of pressing, this process has beneficial effects on the purpose of the actual shape.

Steam Tunnel:

 Steam tunnel pressing is a recent invention. For pressing the fabrics, it uses hangers in the running rail. However, the running rail brings the hanger with fabric through the tunnel. In the tunnel, there are a few numbers of chambers. And the first chamber is used for controlling temperature (steam-based). When the fabrics are passing into the chamber, the machine heats them. At the time of heating the apparel, it removes unwanted creases.

The second chamber is used for making dry. Here, the machine emits hot air to dry the fabrics. A steam tunnel is useful for pressing any t-shirts, shirts, skirts, short pants, etc.

Importance of Steam Tunnel:

Right now, the steam tunnel is a famous name in the garment industry. It helps to produce huge productivities. With these machines, now the garment owners can submit their orders quickly. Again, there is no chance of getting the creased clothes.

Final Thought:

Pressing machines are the common items in the textile industry. Now people have become conscious of saving time and getting quality tasks. However, different types of pressing machines give the apparel industry a new era. Remove the creases of different fabrics, and it requires various types of pressing.

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