Top Garments Factory and Importer in Bangladesh 2022

The garment sector in Bangladesh drives our economy, empowers women, and welcomes innovation to achieve a more efficient and sustainable future. This sector’s contribution to GDP, Export Earnings, and Local Currency and Foreign Exchange Earnings. And now Bangladesh gains the second position in garments exports all over the world. That has not happened overnight, there is a long history of the Garments Industry in Bangladesh. The journey was started in 1980 with “Desh Garments” and now there are lots of successful garments factories in our country contributing to the economy. Today we are going to talk about the top garments factory in Bangladesh.

RMG uses many professional services like CA’s, legal agencies, and consulting firms. The total payment for services in FY 2002 was estimated to be 3.61 million dollars. Our RMG sector has been made sustainable through the investment of Global and Local companies. We should be thankful to the below top garments factory in Bangladesh for their contributions.

Now, let’s see the top garments factory in Bangladesh.

All Garments Factory List in Bangladesh

Ha-Meem Group:

one of the top garments factory in Bangladesh

There are many top garments factories in Bangladesh, but Ha-Meem Group is among the top wholesale clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh worldwide. It produces denim fabrics and garment products among the trendiest on the market and owns a comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facility in Bangladesh.

Beximco Group:

Beximco Group currently occupies the list of top garments factory in Bangladesh. The company was founded in 1972 by two brothers – Ahmed Sohail Fasihur Rahman and Salman Fazlur Rahman. From its early days as a commodities trading company, the group has evolved into a globally diversified industrial conglomerate with a presence in nearly 75% of Bangladesh’s GDP. The corporate mission of BEXIMCO is “Taking Bangladesh overseas.”

Square Fashions Limited:

Square Fashions Limited is another well-known Bangladeshi manufacturing company. They are a part of the Square Group of Companies, which manufactures a variety of textile and garment items. They serve customers not only in Bangladesh but also all around the world. The purpose and vision of this manufacturing firm are to meet consumer demands. This garment company’s headquarters are in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

DBL Group:

It’s also one of the top garments companies in Bangladesh. This is the best knitwear apparel manufacturing in Bangladesh. Over 35000+ employees are working in this company. This company exports products all over the world. Their corporate office is at Karan Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This company is very popular for its sustainable product manufacturing.

Fakir Group:

Fakir Group manufactures clothes primarily for export among Bangladesh’s leading garment companies. They offer level designing, garment manufacturing, and knit garment manufacturing services. This manufacturer and factory have a factory located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in Narayangonj.


The Inditex Group is the biggest fashion retailers in the world, and has seven brands (Zara, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, and Zara Home) that it sells online and at 6,477 stores around 95 markets.

Team Sourcing:

TEAM Sourcing is another top garments factory in Bangladesh. It runs five readymade garment factories, including Brothers Fashion Ltd, and it is a LEED GOLD Certified factory. Each of its other industrial plants meets social compliance standards. As one of Bangladesh’s largest sources of goods, Team Sourcing provides all kinds of sourcing services. In addition to the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Turkey, it has operations in many other countries.

ZXY International:

ZXY International is also one of the top garments factory in Bangladesh. This company is an innovative and direct partner for sustainable apparel product development, intuitive customer services, compliance excellence, and strategic sourcing.

Centro Tex:

Since Centro Tex Limited’s establishment, it has grown and expanded into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of apparel and apparel-related products in Bangladesh’s 

Eco Sourcing:

ECO Sourcing Limited embraces the global revolution in sustainable products. Their goal is to contribute to this noble objective by offering more and more environmentally friendly products in conjunction with our international and local partners.

Al Muslim Group:

Al-Muslim is another top garments factory in Bangladesh. Among the world’s leading suppliers of readymade clothing and denim products, it is one of them. They are one of the most prominent clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh. This company makes the most fashionable readymade clothes and denim. The company has the most advanced production system and machinery in Bangladesh.

Asmara BD:

Asmara International Ltd. is also the top garments factory in Bangladesh. The company specializes in Apparel Sourcing, Supply Chain, and Fashion Apparel Brands across Europe, the United States, and Canada. The company’s headquarters are in Hong Kong, and sourcing offices are located in eight different countries in Asia. These include India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Turkey, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, and Indonesia.

Synergies Bangladesh:

Synergies is another top garments factory in Bangladesh. It has a great global presence worldwide in production, fashion, and sourcing. 

Armana Group:

Armana Group started its journey by setting up a fashion house in 1995 with a vision to produce sustainable products. This company is a top garments factory in Bangladesh and specializes in woven garments.

Epyllion Group:

At first, Epyllion group started their business with Readymade Garments. Since 1995, they have been manufacturing and exporting knit apparel. And now, this company is known as the top garments factory in Bangladesh because of its knit garments, wet processing & garment accessories. They have great modern technology to produce high-quality apparel to provide nonstop services to the buyers. 

Epic Group:

The Epic group is playing as a key player in the garments industry for 10-15 years. They are now one of the best textile buying houses and a leading apparel sourcing company for their high-quality fabrics. It’s a state-of-the-art manufacturing company with many facilities in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Jordan. 

FCI Limited:

FCI (BD) Ltd started its journey by adding clothing manufacturing facilities and outwear production units in Bangladesh. It has achieved 8-9 best country awards for its sustainable manufacturing process.  

Artisan Creation:

In 1995, Artisan Creations Bangladesh (ACB) started its journey. It is a Govt. Authorized manufacturer. It produces d├ęcor products. It has emerged as a pioneer name because of jute, river grass basketries, Rug/Mat, Bag/Cushion, and seagrass. They produce quality, sustainable and eco-friendly products to meet the standards. 

Youngone Corporation:

Youngone Corporation is global athletic clothing, textile, and footwear manufacturer founded in 1974. It has a history of innovation, partnership, and trust.

ABA Group:

ABA group was established in 1992 to serve the apparel industry. This company is one of the top garments factory in Bangladesh. It is also known as the world’s best denim and jeans manufacturing company. Its revenue is 350+ Million USD. 

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