Know About Different Parts of Pants

Are you searching to know about different parts of pants? A pant is a great addition to the fashion industry. It reveals the pride and dignity of the people. At present, it has become an eye both of the young as well as old generation. Most men and women feel the comfort of using it. 

However, why do people show a great attraction towards pants? Stylish pant has the ability to make people handsome. However, there are several types of pants. And all these stylish designs and styles are the form of different parts of pants.

The demand for stylish pants is also increasing. And people are working for that how they are useful to the mankind? But it is not easy to get a pant. Getting a final pant requires many processes. A pant consists of many different parts and each part indicates a certain characteristic. In this article, we are going to share with you the names of different parts of pants.

Basic Parts of Pant:

parts of pants
Know About Different Parts of Pants

The physical dimension of a pant is that it clothing waist to ankles covering both the two legs. Pant is different from trousers. A pant has many different parts where a trouser is absent. However, we represent the basic parts of the pant.

  • Waist band
  • Belt loop
  • Button
  • Side pocket
  • Zipper fly/ fly part
  • Cross/Crotch point
  • Back pocket
  • Top side
  • Under side
  • Leg opening

Different Parts of Pant:

Parts of a pant are for style and design. Whenever you want to launch a new style of a pant, you will get more or fewer sections. We present here some common parts of pants.


The waistband indicates the important part of a pant that surrounds the waist. It works according to a belt. It is made from denim fabric which is regarded as an extraordinary item in the apparel industry.

Belt Loop:

The belt loop works for fastening the belt. Different types of pants require different types of the belt loop. Apparel designers use five or seven belt loops. However, it not only works for fastening the belt but also works for stylish.


A button works for connecting the fly of the jeans pant. It is not a major requirement for jeans pants.

Fly Part:

The Fly is situated in the middle of the pant that use for hiding or opening this valuable part. You can add a button or zipper.

Watch Pocket:

Watch Pocket is an important addition to pants. But you can’t see watch pockets on all kinds of pants. Generally, you will find it in jeans pants. People know it as a coin pocket. Apparel designers add this for increasing the attraction of pants.


The pockets are the important parts of pants. People use their pockets for keeping their necessities. But apparel designers use it for stylish. You will find three pockets in the normal quality pant. However, this quality can vary based on different classes of the pant. Two pockets are in the front part and others are in the back part.

Jeans Rivets:

Rivets are common parts of pants. However, it’s a regular form of jeans pants. Normally it’s a metal item in pants. At present, you will find them on different kinds of pants.

Crotch Point:

The crotch point is an important part of the pant. It’s a joining point of the two parts that are situated below the fly part.

Back Yoke:

The back yoke is a joint point that is situated on the back part of the pant. It is used for close-fitting the pant.

Bottom Hem

You can see the bottom hem on the bottom part of the Jeans pant. It is absent from the regular pant.

Back Rise

Back rise works for joining the two back parts.


People use a zipper for closing or opening their pants. However, it’s one of the vital parts of pants. Generally, we can see chains or buttons.


Seam consists of two parts: side seam and inseam. It is a joint part of two seams.

Additional Parts of Jeans Pant: 

different parts of pants
Know About Different Parts of Pants
  • Coin Pocket
  • Rivets
  • Side Seam
  • Inseam

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Various kinds of flies:

  • Button Fly
  • Zipper fly
  • Mock Fly
  • French fly

Final Thought: 

Finally, we come to an end. And it can say that different parts of pants are significant for making them in good shape. You can’t think of a single pant without its section. Whenever we come to stylish and good design-based pants or jeans pants, the real creativity relies on connecting different parts.

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